Bustin’ out the Tiara at Forza on Greenlake

We were psyched to provide the soundtrack for Mike Toole’s Team in Training fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I was especially pleased to be able to help out, we lost my favorite uncle to leukemia late in 2011. I can’t help but think how much he’d have enjoyed our rowdy night of modern ukulele rock.

Poster Art for the Forza Show

I’m the New Girl in the band. The TV reference is not totally off base, I am the XX chromosomes sharing music space with bunch of guys who, well, let’s say I’m not always the weird one. We started adding what I’ll call chick rock to our play list shortly after I joined — hence the Bananarama and Madonna tunes you caught if you were at Forza Coffee last night.

Ed showed up at practice with a tiara for me after I’d been playing “full time” with The Castaways for only a month, maybe two, during which I’d taken a short sabbatical to do a ukulele workshop in Hawaii. It was a bunch of Madonna remarks that inspired the glittery accessory; I feel like there was something about pink leather for the guys, too, but now I’ve said too much.

When your band mates get you a tiara… is there anything that goes better together than Madonna’s Material Girl and the ukulele and a freakin’ tiara? That’s as sparkly a pink cocktail as any New Girl needs to feel welcome.

We’ve been hard at work on Material Girl — it’s a brilliant piece of layered pop music with complicated timing and it’s taken us some serious woodshedding to get it right. It’s been totally worth it. You get your Madonna track nailed. You have a great crowd in a party mood. You bust out the tiara, of course.

Forza Coffee Crowd
A little blurry, but it captures the mood.

Thanks for a great night. Forza’s Murray, we love playing your place, it’s mad fun. And Mike, we hope you ride strong and fast.