Breaking It In at Urban Coffee Lounge

We tried out a bunch of new things at Urban Coffee Lounge this weekend — a set we’ve been polishing for an upcoming gig, Jim’s new Lanikai uke, and a full size chicken (you kind of have to come to a show to meet the chicken, and even then, it doesn’t totally make sense).

We were honored by the presence of our 150th Facebook fan, so honored that we gave him a copy of our CD and a Castaways t-shirt. I got a note from Fan 150 after the show saying that he’d not told his companion that we were not your typical ukulele act, and that said companion was “doubly, possibly triply amused” by us.

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam.

There’s not much that pleases me more when we play a show than seeing an unsuspecting audience member making a face that expresses their complete surprise over the fact that yes, we are playing Twisted Sister on a handful of ukes, a bass uke, and our percussion comes from — is Pete on a box?

What? You didn’t know we had CDs and shirts? We do, we’ve got an EP of six tracks called “Sixer” and black t-shirts with the band logo on them — Ed’s trademark tiki skull and uke crossbones. Get yours at our next show.

I broke a string on stage and made an unnecessarily big deal out of it, but it was my first time, so it seemed appropriate. In the car on the way home, Mark said that maybe it was from too much rock, and then, revised his initial assessment. “Not too much rock,” he said. “Just the right amount.”

Oh, yeah.

Poster Art for the UCL Show

Thanks, everyone, for coming to hear us play, to Fan 150 and his posse, to Barry Smith, for the great new pictures, to the like minded folks of Marilyn and the G-Strings for coming back for more, and to the good people of Urban Coffee Lounge.