Our Three-Fer Weekend (Also, We Got New Hats)

Ed, Jim, Pam, Mark, Pete on the 43rd Street Stage

Our first outdoor show of the season took place on the 43rd Street stage at the University District Street Fair. It was our first big sound stage of the season, too, we got to travel light, show up, and plug in and better still, just walk away when we were done. We had dancers — the first time I’ve seen this at a show — a handful of 20 somethings and a few tiny toddlers, who softened up the asphalt for later crowds. Jim says it often and the evidence bears out: Babies love Green Day.

Gregory the Roadie
We have a roadie!

Mark and Ed both bring a car load of sound gear to our gigs, and the rest of us hardly show up empty handed. Things got a little bit easier this weekend. Pete has recruited Gregory the Summer Roadie, who, in spite of his reluctance to wear his crew tag, has been fast tracked to all kinds of perks having to do with the rock and roll lifestyle and that is all I am going to say about that. Wait. Perhaps I will say I may have enjoyed it a little too much when Pete said this to our man Gregory: Put on your crew tag and go help Pam unload the car.

[Other things I like? When Ed says, “Diva, paging the The Diva to the center stage, please.” And when Pete says, “Whenever you’re ready, Princess. Take your time.” That’s what I’m talking about.]

We started our weekend at C&P Coffee, our second show at what I maintain is West Seattle’s finest coffee house, not just because it is my neighborhood hangout, but because I like everything about it, the mellow barristas (who will sell you beer or wine, too), the hodge podge decor, the beautiful tiled fireplace, the crunchy, friendly vibe, and the coffee, of course. It’s also stumbling distance from another great West Seattle location, the Feedback Lounge, where we held our post show unwinder. They make many truly righteous cocktails there, the bartender is an alchemist, and yeah, the stumbling distance, that’s good.

We closed out our weekend at Goorin Brothers Hats, also in the University District, with two short acoustic sets. A bartender at the back of the shop mixed up cocktails with Washington distilled Isis vodka and a lot of people stared at us with that look we are coming to know and love, that “Oh, no, they are not REALLY playing THAT on ukulele, ARE THEY?!?!” A girl stood, motionless, with her hands over her mouth and her eyes round with surprise for a good ten, fifteen minutes, looking as though we were performing some kind of mad acrobatics. A cop in full uniform took a peek in the doorway, did a major double take, and stuck around for most of our set with a massive smile pasted on his face. A few well minded people stopped to talk to us about how, “Whoa, the ukulele is huge now, did you know that?”

The high point of our visit to Goorin Brother’s was this: We all got new hats. (Including Mark’s dad, who’d come out for the afternoon.) Even Pete got a new hat, and Pete is on record as saying, “I don’t DO hats. You are going to have to pay me a lot of money to wear a hat.” By the end of our time in the shop, Pete had swapped out his first choice, a Sinatra-esque gray straw number for one in purple with a snappy contrasting band. He looks good, ladies, he looks really good.

A big thanks to: The sound crew at the 43rd Street Stage, they made us sound great, to C&P Coffee for the hometown hospitality, to Goorin Brothers Hats for bringing us to a whole new level of style, and to Irene S. for the photos.