Our Identity Crisis

At the Castaways HQ, we’d like very much to produce a proper CD. This would let us sell our music through iTunes and embark on our plan of global ukulele domination.  We’ve got the equivalent of a demo disk right now, Sixer, half a dozen tracks meticulously mixed by Mark, gorgeously packaged by Ed, and someone might be really proud of the liner notes (that’d be me). And oh, yeah, the music. The music is great and includes Jim’s original song, Neurotic Traveler Blues.  Sixer is a collaboration we’re quite pleased with ourselves about, if I might say so myself. Actually, I just did.

Due diligence. There’s a band called The Castaways and they are not us. They had a big surf rock style hit in the 60s, Liar Liar. (You gotta check the Beiber hair on the drummer. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)  We hope they’re retiring nicely on the royalties or residuals and that their kids had generous college funds. Putting aside the Where Are They Now aspect of this tale, our issue remains: If we want to do anything besides play a few coffee houses in Seattle — which we enjoy tremendously — we are going to have to change our name.

I went looking in the “Elephant Mind” that’s our email archives. In February, when we started kicking around the idea of an EP/demo disk, I suggested a name that begged to be made into something real. Ed, who does our nothing short of spectacular graphics, scribbled out a bunch of potential ideas, Pete grabbed some URLs, and… we parked it for a while and locked ourselves in the woodshed to master a third set.

Outtake from our Georgetown Trailer Park Photo Shoot | Peter West Carey Photography

The Castaways — our Castaways — recently passed their first birthday. In our current incarnation, the Mark – Jim – Pete – Pam – Ed version, has been together for about six months but it feels longer. In a good way. We feel like a band, whatever that means. But we’re a band with someone else’s name. Right now, we’re trying to decide what to do about that.

In the meantime, next time you see us play, you should totally buy up our stuff because that V1 Castaways gear. It’s going to be classic.