Our Spring Tour: It’s a Wrap

Saturday night, Forza Coffee, University District. Monday, photo shoot, Georgetown. Wednesday night, the Wallingford Art Walk. Friday night, Matthews Estate Winery.  Two shows the week before that, three another week back…

Does it count as a tour if you don’t leave the greater metropolitan area? I’m going to say yes, if you’re playing a show every other night or so and hauling gear and having beer and coffee for dinner because you forgot to eat before the show and you can’t really eat between sets… let’s go ahead an call it a tour. Yes.

We closed out our spring run in Woodinville, flanked by casks of Matthews Estate wine. It rained but the sky turned a spectacular color and the sun temporarily gold leafed our ukuleles and made everyone glow just a little, or perhaps that was the Syrah, generously poured by our hosts. That sunset marked the end of a remarkable run. 16 shows for the full band roster since January, 13 of those this spring.

Now, on to summer, which isn’t looking quite as busy, though we are lining up regular dates, every month to six weeks or so both at Urban Coffee Lounge and Forza at Green Lake. With a little air in our schedule, we hope to do some more recording. We’re working on some promotional stuff — inside baseball to you, but important to us, plus, it’s why we now have those amazing new photos — and we need to decide what we’ll do for our big end of summer finale at… it’s not announced yet, but it’s cool. And it feels like kind of a big deal, too.

In the meantime, we’re all feeling super grateful. It’s been an incredible six months for the band. We feel like rock stars, we can’t believe all the support we’re getting. Thanks for bringing your friends to our shows, spreading the word, and for making this the best spring since that one year in college when  we… oh, maybe we’ll write a song about it. It’s been crazy fun, though, and we couldn’t be more psyched for the summer of music ahead.