Band Research

Last weekend was the Capitol Hill Block Party.  Pam and I went to see some music and do some research.  We caught mind blowing, amazing sets from Allen Stone (yeah, he’ll be on Letterman tomorrow) and Fitz and the Tantrums.  We also noticed a variety of things that don’t happen at our own shows.  Here’s a brief, freestyle, un-sequenced list of things we noticed that we will be considering for our own future shows.

  • Wrist bands.  Sure, we rarely charge a cover, but the custom woven wristbands the block party was using for keeping track of us were awesome.
  • Merch tent.  We have some merch, we need a tent.  Staffed with interns.
  • Food trucks, photo booths, and other sponsors selling wares.  This will give you something to do at our set breaks.  After you buy some merch.
  • Choreographed band warm up.  We saw the Ten Man Brass Band warm up.  Who knew tuning together would sound cool.  Mark probably expects us to be doing this already.
  • Band security.  Large dreadlocked, tattooed security people.  (This is mostly for Pam, being a Diva and all.) (Editor’s note: Am not!)
  • Ladders or elevator shoes.  This is for all of our short fans.  We’d like to promote height-equality and give our short fans a fighting chance of seeing the show when tall people come to stand right in front of them.  The block party should have had this.  If Jim were to stand in front of you at a show, you’d want this too.
  • Stage monitors.  For standing on and jumping off.  They probably sound good on stage too.  Fitz did this a lot and it was awesome.
  • Windmill size cues.  It was not lost on us that Fitz wasn’t playing a ukulele (or a guitar for that matter) and yet he was queuing the band with giant windmills.  You know, windmills.  Ed is already very good at this.
  • Stuff to throw into the crowd at the end of our show.  Sweat rags, drum sticks, guitar picks, etc.  Also, we may need to start using sweat rags, drum sticks, or guitar picks.