Pretty in Pink

If you caught us on Friday night at Urban Coffee Lounge, you got a glimpse into what goes down at Patos Locos studios in the wilds of Renton. (Want to know more about our behind the scenes banter? I write up the rehearsal night notes and publish them to our Facebook page, here. They’re surprisingly accurate.)

Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was that the guys had played their last show without me, maybe it was just that we are starting to feel at home on that tiny corner stage. Whatever it was, that show was The Castaways, unscripted, silly as all get out, more ourselves on stage than we’ve ever been.

And newly accessorized.

It took me several excursions to find a feather boa.

“Go to the Deja Vu Super Store,” said Mark, “That’s where I got my last one.”

“I’m sure I can find a place for it in my obtrusive percussion kit,” said Pete, “but we could also just set it out somewhere obvious wrapped up like a gift, and say nothing about it.”

Target did not have feather boas, nor did the beauty supply store. When I asked the check out clerk at the Target, a woman in line perked right up. “Lovers,” she said, “near the mall.” The tattooed ladies at the beauty supply store echoed that. “You need to go to the, uh, adult stores,” they said.

“You are making a lot of unexpected friends,” said my husband, who’d joined me in the boa hunt.

“This was not in the band notes,” said Ed, when I interrupted his intro to suggest that “I Will Survive” was sorely lacking in… something… and handed over a blue satin bag containing the fluffy pink boa.

It was not a high quality boa and it dropped pink feathers all over the tiny stage. But it was exactly what the song needed. Regardless of which version of the song you prefer, the Gloria Gaynor classic or the funky vibraslap rich Cake version, it’s a disco anthem that needs a certain attitude. Wrapped in that pink feather boa, Jim owned it.

My favorite version of that song? I’m not gonna lie. It’s ours.

[Thanks, LY, for that great picture of Jim bringing it.]

Urban Coffee Lounge Poster

Current Castaways Accessory Inventory:

  • One pink feather boa
  • One sparkly tiara
  • Three banners, one with a pink hibiscus flower for “the girl in the band”
  • A pink plastic toy accordian
  • A baby blue two octave glockenspiel
  • Several kazoos
  • One monkey wearing a fez
  • One tiny disco ball
  • A chicken named Swanson (retired)