We Are Giving It Away!

You’ve got an event coming up and the one thing you haven’t figured out? The entertainment. Sure, you could hook up the iThing and put Pandora on rotation, but here’s a better idea: Book Seattle’s loudest ukulele band. For ten dollars*. No, really.

“You guys have such fun when you play that it’s impossible for us to not have fun along with you.” — LY, Queen Anne

*Small print restrictions apply.

What’s the deal, you ask? How do I get The Castaways magic at my shindig for a mere tenner?  Well, it’s a sweepstakes, so random twists of fate (or rather random number generators) play a role, but the short answer is this:

  1. Go here. That’s the home page for the annual online fundraiser, Passports with Purpose, that band member (and world traveler) Pam helped found. This year, they’re raising 100k to build wells in communities in Haiti that are still recovering from the 2010 quake.
  2. Click the giant DONATE NOW button.
  3. Find The Castaways listing in the catalog of fabulous prizes.  Type in the number of entries you want — they’re ten bucks each. Five will cost you $50. You get it.
  4. Make your payment via Paypal. Your donation goes to fund a Water.org well project in Haiti. People who don’t have clean water get clean water.
  5. Think about that for a minute. About what it means to not have clean water. Shake your head and then, maybe go give some more.
  6. Wait. If you win, you’ll be notified on December 18th. Pam will connect the dots between you and the band.
  7. Plan your epic party featuring the rock and roll ukulele stylings of The Castaways.
  8. Oh, yeah, we’ll throw in a t-shirt and a CD. Be prepared to look hot and to rock hard.

There’s some tricky stuff because in spite of our appearance as road ready rock stars, we have things like, oh, responsibilities and jobs and stuff. That is not very rock and roll of us, we know. Keep that under your hat.

Okay, here goes. The small print stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll provide sound. Or we can go acoustic. We kinda like bringing the full rock show, though. It’s more fun that way.
  • You provide the location. Hey, if you’re a business owner, maybe your location is your business. Heads up, there are five of us and our gear. We need some space. The uke might be small, but that’s the only thing small about us. (Our brains are huge. What were you thinking?)
  • The earlier you book the easier it is. We get weirdly busy. We’ll need to find a mutually agreeable date.
  • Stuff happens. We never want to cancel (we love to play) and we know you don’t either, but we know things come up. We’ll be sane and understanding.
  • We play the greater Seattle area bounded by Camano Island on the north, Poulsbo on the West (we like a ferry ride), Federal Way to the south, and Kirkland to the East. Okay, maybe we’d go to Issaquah.  Anything outside that, you’ll need to cover our travel expenses and we may need a place to stay. (We don’t smoke and we run thorough background checks on all of our groupies. We run a clean tour, man.)
  • The offer is good for one year (until December 31, 2013) or until the band has a dramatic breakup scene that puts us first on MSNBC and then, on permanent rotation on Behind the Music.

Ten bucks could make all the difference between people leaving your party saying, “Thanks, dude, I’m taking my leftover beer,” or “Whoa! That was epic! Can we do this again, like, next weekend?! I was going to take home the rest of the good scotch, but it’s yours. Epic. Dude.”

All this for a great cause: Water for humans that need it.

G’wan. Give.

Photo: Tim Ford. Thank you.