“We’d Like to Thank the Fans”

The string players in the band found themselves holding gorgeous red ukuleles last week. They’re made by Kamoa, a Kauai based company that builds ukes with bright sound. Ed and I both visited the shop in Kapaa (on separate trips, the band’s Hawaii tour still remains an April Fool’s joke) where we met the family that runs the business. They were genuinely excited about what we do — so excited, in fact, that they sent us a shipment of instruments to play on our upcoming Evening Magazine segment. We’re still stretching the strings, but we’re digging the bright full sound and I’m not gonna downplay it — they look great.

[Pete, we’re sorry, no strings for you. Your day will come. Plus, you have all the toys.]

We want to give a big thank you shout out to Kamoa and the Bonnano crew, for their generosity. Or should we say “Mahalo nui loa and aloha!”  And hey, should you find yourself in Kapaa, drop in to hear Sam noodling away — he can play something fierce.

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so we want to pass along our thanks to the people who have supported us this year.

  • Urban Coffee Lounge has been letting us make noise in their place for over a year now and the staff, well, they say crazy things like, “I asked to work this shift because you guys are here.”
  • C&P Coffee feels like home to us, partly because Mark and I both live in West Seattle, but mostly because the vibe here is so welcoming, it’s like being in your living room, only with  better coffee. (Plus, it’s my local. You’ll find me here without the band.)
  • The Feedback Lounge — also in West Seattle — was a band meeting venue before we started playing there, and it’s so our kind of place, we love the crowd, the badass yet so nice waitstaff, and the cocktails are arguably the best on the West side.
  • Forza Coffee at Green Lake: Even when the house is packed, our man Murray says, “Why aren’t there more people here to see you? You guys rock.” And we still talk about the night Skip, the man at the helm, said, “Turn it up!” Win.
  • Saint Bryan from Evening Magazine contacted us out of the blue to do a TV segment on us — and the ukulele — and we’re still getting love from that. Plus, hey, we’re on the tree lighting special, so tune in.
  • We shot a video this summer — it’s in final edits — and we could not have done what we did without the gear provided by GoPro. (We kinda can’t wait to release this thing.)
  • All our friends at SUPA, the Seattle Ukulele Players Association. They’re mad advocates for the magic of the uke. SUPA members keep showing up to our gigs and spreading the word about what we’re doing.
Heavy Metal Hand Turkey, Artist Unknown

We are going to forget people, that is how many people we are grateful to for helping us on our way. Our super-fan Susan who keeps showing up, Jim’s wife, Blanca, who indulges us weekly at rehearsal, Gregg’s excellent ears, Jamie’s creative energy. Anyone who’s helped us haul gear and roll cables and shared our music and said, “No, I know, you think it’s a mellow acoustic band, but you gotta check ’em out, they’re perfect for your party.”  We don’t mean to forget to name you, it’s just that there are so many people we should say think you to.

So just for a minute, we’re going to step away from the snark and the redaction and say this:

Thank you. You rock.