Seattle Castaways Audition for The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Seattle’s loudest ukulele band, The Seattle Castaways, are excited to announce they are pursuing an audition to be the house band for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  As longtime fans of Ellen’s show, the band is humbled by this announcement and is ready for the challenge.

“Ellen’s show is fun, quirky, and full of surprises.” said Pete Harris, the band’s obtrusive percussionist. “That’s a great fit for what we do.  Ellen surprises people all the time, and in the same way, we surprise people with our crazy ukulele rock and roll.”

The band will audition as a permanent replacement for Ellen’s former resident DJ, Tony Okungbowa, who left the show in September 2013 to pursue his acting career.

Multimedia producer and director of The Castaways’ latest video, Jamie Gower says, “the Castaways are a perfect match for Ellen’s good humored style.  They’re fun, a little unexpected, and audiences love them – just like Ellen.”

“We’re ready,” said Pam Mandel, “As the lone female voice of The Castaways, I can tell you that we are sooooo ready! Our record, Miniature Horses, is out in the wild and we’ve been searching for our next challenge.  Our 2013 Hawaii tour was exhausting so this year we want to settle down with a project that will keep us a more grounded.  Ellen’s wit and charm are a perfect match for what we do.  And we can’t wait to have her and her guests sit in with our band on ukulele! I call dibs on teaching Neil deGrasse Tyson the chords in Galileo.”

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And as Ellen says, “Be kind to one another.”