Punked and Surprised. It’s Like Dazed and Confused.

It’s about two months back that Heidi from 425 Magazine posted on our Facebook page.

“Hey, looking forward to seeing you guys at Urban Coffee Lounge. I’ve got great news for the band.”

None of us knew Heidi or what news she could have. So when she told us we’d been voted Best Band on the East Side by 425 Magazine’s readers, we were floored. We’ve had to keep it under wraps until now but when the latest issue dropped into my (very much 206 based) mailbox on Saturday, I figured it was okay to post the news.

Best of 425
Check your local news-stand for the “Best of” issue.

We remain completely in the dark on how this happened. By the time we found out, the voting had closed, so we weren’t able to pester our fans, friends, and family to vote for us. We don’t know who nominated us, we never saw the ballot, we have no idea who we were up against. We didn’t really believe it, to be honest, and now that the issue is in our hands, I’m still not sure we believe it. We are honored and so surprised and we have no idea who to thank, so we’ll thank you.

We love the spread — and it shows off Peter West Carey‘s great photo of us in a Georgetown back lot. Fun fact? When we were shooting our American Idiot video, we’d scoped out that same site but were chased off by rent-a-cops. “Bands keep showing up to take pictures here — and it’s a private lot.”

Oops. Heh.

So, about that Ellen Show thing

We love that you fell for it because it means you think it’s a thing that could happen. Just like last year with our faux Hawaii tour, you believed we’d booked that thing and were off to the islands. It’s something we’d love to do, just like we’d love to score a national TV appearance. Our take on April Fool’s is to use it as an excuse to think about what we’d like to do, and then, just act like it’s a thing that could, you know, TOTALLY HAPPEN.

So we posted about our Ellen show audition, and you believed it and then, just a few days later Ellen had a film crew in Seattle.

We kind of flipped out.

People who thought we were making a dumb joke asked us if we were maybe *not* making a dumb joke. People who took the bait asked us what was going to happen. A friend of the band asked if perhaps we could write next’s years April Fool’s post stating that he’d won the lottery, given our clairvoyance.

Nothing happened, we weren’t able to connect with Ellen’s crew, but it wasn’t over. At our April Urban Coffee Lounge show, Mark’s sister asked if she could make an announcement before our second set, she had a surprise for us.

You're Hired!
See you in Burbank, Ellen!

“We were pretty sure the April Fool’s thing was a joke,” said Michelle, “but we checked in with Ellen, and she sent us this.”

Pete’s jaw dropped. I turned bright red. Mark, Ed, and Jim just stared. Then Mark’s mom started to laugh and laugh and laugh. Apparently, that family has a long history of April Fool’s jokes. They play to win.

“You don’t understand,” Mark said, later that night. “I had to set up an auto-reply in my email about our Hawaii tour.”

“I’d get ready for next year,” said Pete.

“The gloves are off,” said Ed.

“OH, IT IS ON,” I said.

“I’ve never been in a band where I get punked by the fans,” said Pete.

“This happens in all my bands,” I said.


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