Our Summer Touring Puget Sound

When we last left Seattle’s Loudest Ukulele Band, they were being punked by Mark’s family for their April Fool’s joke. And while they’ve — we’ve — been quieter on the web lately, we’ve been crazy loud on stage. Our summer of rock has us buzzing all over Puget Sound, it seems, and we’ve been having a grand time of it.

The Castaways on Fox Island

We kicked off the summer with a show at one of our favorite local bars, the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle. This place is starting to feel like home to us, we love the badass waitstaff and we love that Jeff Gilbert gets us. We also love that every time we play there, the biggest problem is poster theft. Keep up the good work, Castaways friends, but hey, do Jeff a favor and see if you can’t wait until the night of the show to steal the art. Alternatively, if you do steal the art pre-show, order an extra round to put some money back into Jeff’s printing budget, okay?

That same weekend we closed the ukulele showcase at Folklife. It’s our third year there — this year, we were preceded by the lovely ukulele songwriter Molly Lewis. She’s funny and gracious and whip smart and we adore her, you should totally check her out.

The stage was huge with stacks of monitors but the stage managers were so nice that I had to refrain from jumping off them into the crowd. I did ask first, I think that was my mistake. Jim was rattled by the fact that someone laughed when we closed our set with Nirvana’s All Apologies, but Pete explained it perfectly…

“Jim, people laughed because we just played Nirvana’s All Apologies ON THE UKULELE. You get that’s crazy, right?”

“Oh. I guess you have a point.”

Since Folklife, we’ve been working our way around Puget Sound. We played a birthday party in Kirkland, we went back to Urban Coffee Lounge — another place that makes us feel like family. We played the jazz stage at the Taste of Tacoma and the sound guy there, Glenn, was freaking fantastic, plus, we love that he said, “You guys, that was fun, that’s the music of my generation!” If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that at the Taste of Tacoma we had what Ed called our “Spinal Tap Moment” — if you don’t, well, here. We played another party in the north end where our number one fan (no, literally, she’s the first official non-family fan) owned the cowbell like no one else. We were back in the south end the following weekend for a 4th of July party on the beach on Fox Island, so lovely was the location that we thought we might never leave, plus, there was a Bloody Mary bar.

In between all of this, Mark was in Iceland, Ed was in Australia, Pete was on the East Coast, Jim was in a World Music class, and I went to Arizona. We also added Chris, the occasional sound guy, and we’re so grateful to have him as part of our crew. He’s reduced our set up and break down times to record minimums, and oh, yeah, he makes us sound better, too.

So far, Summer of Rock Three, Puget Sound Edition, is shaping up nicely. We hope your summer is grand, too, and we hope that not only will you come see us at a show, but that you’ll stick around to say hello. Wear sunscreen, kids, and rock on.

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