Please Stand By

Here’s the truth: We don’t know what’s happening with the band. We only know we’re putting it on hold for a while.


We’re all confused by this.

But two out of five Castaways keep their spouses in a foreign country. And they’re not sure how long they’re going to run their marriages offshore.

Outsourcing is complicated.

Finding subs is complicated too. Imagine the Craig’s List ad:

Seattle Area Cover Band Seeks Subs

Must love classic rock. Must be deeply passionate about the importance of grammar and/or quality graphic design. Should have encyclopedic knowledge of rock and roll history and/or a decade of experience with social media. You’ll have to show up on time, haul your own gear, tolerate and/or contribute to a lot of bad jokes. Must be free from ego (no princesses, male or female, though you may be issued a tiara), understand that a vintage diner is a “must stop” location, and be the kind of person that cheers for the underdog.

Not required, but bonus points if you’re over 6’3” or under 5’3”.

Oh, yeah, also, must shred mad ukulele. That.

That’s not what Jim’s original ad said, but we’ve evolved since the band was founded in 2010.

So while we figure out what’s next, we’re taking some time off. Pam will be in Austria, Ed will be in Australia, only one of those places has kangaroos, please don’t get them mixed up. Mark’s studying wine. Pete said something about a spending more time with a fine 24 year old German…automobile. And Jim will be explaining to that Other Band where he’s been the whole time.

Other Band: You’ve been doing what?
Jim: Playing classic rock on the ukulele. It’s going really well.
Other Band: That’s ridiculous. What have you REALLY been doing? It’s okay, you can tell us.

We’re lucky. We’re hitting pause before declining into our Fleetwood Mac Rumors years. (Yes, understanding that reference is a requirement for being in the Castaways.)
We don’t know what’s next. We just know that we can’t believe the ride we’ve had.

Please stand by.

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