Aaaaaaand We’re Back!

Oh, hey. Sorry to keep you waiting like that. We had some things we needed to figure out. In the process, Mark, our bass player, went off to wine school, and that’s taking all his time. We’re all grateful for his tireless work mixing our CDs, editing our videos, and doing our taxes. And, oh, yeah, holding down the fat low end on the funky rubber strings. We wish him luck as he pursues the fruit of the vine. Cheers, Mark, and thank you so much for everything.

But we’re happy to have found our new bass player, Phil. He joined us in the rehearsal studio about a month ago and we’ve decided to keep him. We’re all impressed by the way he’s transferred his mad bass skillz to the U-bass in what feels like no time, and we like that his questions about the Castaways are somewhat thematic. A few examples:

  • Why aren’t we playing AC/DC?
  • Why aren’t we playing Metallica?
  • I love that Dee-Lite song. Why aren’t we playing that Dee-Lite song?
  • I don’t understand why we’re not playing AC/DC. When are we going to play some AC/DC?

We think he’ll work out just fine. We can’t wait for you to hear him play with us.



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