Goodbye Feedback, Hello JTwo.

No, we are not going through some kind of “Spinal Tap thing, only with bass players.” Yes, we have another bass player.

His name is Jim Collins. He’s tall. He’s taken to the U-bass like a duck to water. And we’re happy to have him. No, we’re not telling you about our band issues, plus, like any decent rock undertaking, we’re saving all of it for speculation by friends of the band in the Behind the Music Special. What you can make up is so much more dramatic than anything that’s true, so we’re going to let you do that.

Now, we’re dealing with the complications of having two Jims in the band by calling Jim the Founder “Original Jim” and Jim the bass player “JTwo” or sometimes, “Jim Collins.” We’ve played three gigs together, Folklife, Urban Coffee Lounge, and a private party. We’re feeling solid these days, and we’re ready to start Getting Out There.

But there’s a speedbump. We’ve lost our favorite venue — the Feedback Lounge closed its doors. We got in a last round with the bar’s prime minister/janitor, Jeff Gilbert, and now, we’re feeling a little bit at sea. Where are we going to find a place where we feel that at home, that understood, that welcomed? What a great rock and roll venue! They had wicked cocktails, good chow, sweet as pie but still badass staff, and we loved the way it felt to play that place. We’re going to miss it something fierce.

We’re on the hunt for new venues, getting to work on new music, breaking in JTwo (Not musically, he’s good there, but have you met us? We take some getting used to…) and rumors of our disappearance have been greatly exaggerated.


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